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Collecting is a Hobby - seeking, acquiring, repairing, displaying whatever it is that maybe of interest to you - the individual collector.  Some really serious collectors 'collect' antiques, postage stamps etc or only items deemed 'collectible'.
Antiques are items that are at least 100 years old.  Collectibles are less than 100 years old and can even sometimes be new.
Many collections begin when a person purchases a number of the same type of items because they appeal.  This can continue on till you have quite 'a collection'.  Collectors will often start developing a broader knowledge about their collection which provides stimulation & enjoyment and will guide them in future purchases.

Anybody can become a Collector - it doesn't require prior knowledge:
There are many Beading retail outlets that also run Workshops offering personalised lessons on beading - or if you already have some jewellery making skills - they offer the use of their tools and beads and a space to relax and create.
Some offer Beading classes for adults and School holiday classes.
As with Beading retail outlets there are many Craft shops that also run Workshops offering personalised lessons in a variety of craft areas - Bear Making, Wool & Ribbon Embroidery, Patchwork & Applique, Cross Stitch, Tapestry, Latch Hooking, Crocheting, Decorations & more..

Some offer weekly classes, weekend classes and scheduled workshops throughout the year.
In the central west of NSW Australia, in the areas in and around Orange and Bathurst here is an outlet...