Stop, revive, survive - Not enough emphasis can be put on the importance of this simple strategy that improves the safety of our roads. Check list for safe travelling before starting your journey.
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Throughout Australia we have the Stop, Revive, Survive campaign that encourages drivers to start their trip after a good 8 hours sleep and not to drive for more than 3 hours without taking a break, and not to drive if you feel too tired.
Not enough emphasis can be put on the importance of this simple strategy that improves the safety of our roads.
Most townships have Driver Reviver Stations where you can pull in rest and have a coffee, tea or softdrink.
By abiding by the Speed Limits and NOT Driving whilst under the influence of alchohol or drugs, or whilst talking or texting on mobile phones we can each improve road safety.
  • Check to ensure your Tyres do not have excessive wear.
  • Check your Tyre pressure regularly - including your Spare Tyre.
  • Check your Winscreen Wipers - a good tip is to replace them every 12 months
  • Always check your dashboard for any Electrics warnings
  • Check under your car for Oil leakages.
  • Check your oil and top it up if necessary
  • Have your water reservoir checked to ensure it is up to the maximum mark and correctly mixed.
  • Check your fuel - try not to go into the warning level.  Sometimes a long stay in a traffic jam could be enough to empty your tank - and cause another traffic jam.
  • Check your headlights and indicators - ensure they are clean and working.
  • See and Be Seen - have your headlights on at all times.
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