Baileys Cream recipe - for when you can't get enough of that creamy, smooth drink.  Enjoy the wonderful taste as often as you want with your own homemade Bailey's.
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Bailey's Cream (homemade) Drink Mix:
Ingredients:  Makes approx. 1.5 litres.

2 eggs (55g)
1 tin Condensed Milk
1 large Thickened Cream
half - 1 teaspoon Coconut Essence
Beat the eggs till light and frothy, then gradually add the rest of the ingredients - beating continuously.  Make sure all ingredients are  mixed in well.

Pour into a bottle - right to the top - to keep the air out - Cap tightly.
Refrain from drinking immediately, allow it to mature in bottle for at least 2 weeks.

Has quite a long shelf life - if you don't drink it all at once.
Bailey's Cream, homemade Drink mix
Courtesy -  Pam
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2 - 3 dessertspoons of Chocolate Topping
1 cup of Scotch
Are you a 'Bailey's' Fan ~ can't get enough of that creamy, smooth drink?
Enjoy that wonderful taste as often as you want....
...with your own homemade Bailey's - you will find it hard to tell the difference.
Make your own supply and save money!