Beauty care tips - skincare tips - probably the most important part of beauty care, make up and nail care - simple beautiful nails.
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Hydration - by far the most important factor to keeping lovely skin.
A good moisteriser applied at least once a day will help keep your skin from becoming dehydrated.  Use what you can afford - the higher the cost does not necessarily mean better.
Also remember - your face area does not stop at your chin - use your moisteriser on your neck as well - right down to your lowest neckline.
Even oily skin needs a moisturiser during the winter months because despite an abundance of natural oil, skin can still become dehydrated on the surface.
When the natural oil flow is blocked off by dry, hard surface skin, pimples and blackheads can get worse. Moisturiser will also help balance the pH of your skin and make it more resistant to infection.
Throughout all seasons keep using a 15+ UV block.  Harmful rays, responsible for photo-ageing of the skin and melanomas, are ever present, no matter what the weather.
Don't forget your lips - apply moisturiser to your lips as you would the rest of your face.  There is also a wide range of lip gels and balms that you can carry with you - these contain emollients and UV filters to help protect lips - most pharmacies carry them.
Prevent cold sores on your lips - keeping your lips moisturised tends to prevent cold sores.
Make Up  -  LESS IS MORE - the most attractive make-up is applied in such a way that others cannot tell that you have any make-up on. Subtle but Beautiful.
Simple Beautiful Nails - if you can't afford the time or the cost of a regular manicure - simply maintained - cut, shaped with a file, and clean nails can still be beautiful.  Do it on a regular basis - it only takes a short time whilst watching TV. Maintain the softness of your hands by regularly apply a hand lotion throughout the day, especially after gardening or having them in water.