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Burmese Cat
Some of the more popular breeds for pet dogs and cats - with a brief analysis of these breeds.
  • Blue-cream persian
  • Red Tabby long-hair
  • Birman long-hair
  • Foreign White
  • Blue point Siamese
  • Lilac point Siamese
Pedigree Cats - come with either short or long hair.
About Pedigree Cats
- Long Hair - Head should be round and broad; good width between neat ears; small nose; cheeks full and muzzle broad; body should have sturdy legs and a broad chest; coat long and flowing; tail short but broad; large round wide open eyes.
Coat Colours - acceptable colours are - black, white, blue, red, cream, smoke, silver tabby, brown tabby, red tabby, chinchilla (pure white undercoat, lightly tipped with black on the back, flanks, head, ears & tail), tortoise shell (red, black, cream), tortoise shell & white, bi-coloured, blue cream, colour point & birman.
- Foreign short-hair Breeds -
Abyssinian - attractive, unusual coat - basically brown with double or treble ticking.
Red Abyssinian -  red ticking instead of brown.
Blue Russian - Green eyes and blue-grey coat - very attractive.
  • Brown Burmese
  • Abyssinian
  • Blue Russian
  • Tabby point Siamese
  • Seal point Siamese
  • Rex
Long Hair can be a problem. Quite a lot of time is required in grooming for if grooming is neglected, the coat becomes matted and tangled quickly.  In severe cases an animal may need a general anaesthetic to fix the problem.  Beware of cats with 'pushed-in faces as the result of this can be malfunctions of the tear ducts which causes tears to run down the front of the face and stain the hair.  Respiratory problems can also be a problem.
- Short Hair -
British short-hair - fur should be short, dense and fine; no woolly tendency.
- Coat colours - black, white, blue, cream, silver, tabby, brown tabby, red tabby, tortoise shell (black & red), tortoise shell & white, manx (any colour, a tail-less cat with high hindquarters & a rabbity, hopping gait), blue cream, spotted and bi-colour.
Foreign short-hair - head is cone-shaped (broad at top & narrowing to the nose & mouth); ears are larger than British short-hairs, pointed and pricked; almond shaped eyes; fine legs, with a lean long body.
Brown Burmese - yellowish-green eyes, chocolate brown coat.
Foreign White -  fine white coat, deep blue eyes, a breed of siamese...
Siamese - distinctive coat colours, ears, mask, tail & feet (points) contrast with the body colour, blue eyes, very popular breed - several different varieties.
Seal Points - points are seal brown, cream body.
Blue Points -  points are blue, body white, shading to a lighter blue on the back.
Chocolate Points - points are milk chocolate shade, ivory body.
Lilac Points - points pinkish-grey, body frosty white.
Tabby Points - points are striped tabby except for ears which are a solid colour, whisker pads spotted, body pale fawn.
Red Points - points bright reddish-gold, body white shading to apricot on the back.
Tortie Point - points seal, broken with red & cream, body cream or fawn.
Blue-cream Tortie Point - points blue with cream, body white or cream.
Cream Points -  points are pale cream (no tabby markings), body white or cream.

Rex Cat - Devon & Cornish - soft wavy coat except for on the head, legs & paws. Whiskers & eyebrows are crinkled, ears are large. Quite a different kind of cat.