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Handy email tips - how to clean up your emails before forwarding, send blind carbon copies, copy and paste, size an image, optimize and image, insert or attach an image.
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How to send clean emails without the multiple >>>>>forward symbols...the quick and easy way.
Download this free small program called Email Stripper.  Follow the link below to download and save the program on your computer - double click the saved program to install it.
emailStripper, available for free from
When you  write/send an email you will see -
To:   where you enter the address of a recipient
Cc:   (carbon copy) - add additional recipients
Bcc: (Blind carbon copy) - add additional recipients - but so that all the recipients you are sending to are not disclosed to everyone. Each recipient will only see their email address on the email received.
To do this you need a Graphics/Image Optimizer Program.
If you don't have one (or even if you do) here is a link to a very neat little program called Irfanview.
To Optimize your image(JPG) and make it a reasonable size for email -
IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. 
Just a few of IrfanView features - many supported file formats, slideshow, email & print options, resize, change colour depth, cut/crop, batch conversions, scan (batch scan) support + much more..

Irfanview It is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.
Clean Up your emails before sending...
If you receive forwarded emails you will see all the prior recipients of the email.  To clean your forwarded email up before sending it  just highlight (the same as you do when copying and pasting) the old recipients - then click your Right mouse button and select Delete from the menu that pops up.
When you want to clean up a email with heaps of >>>>>> on every line simply highlight all the relevant message text.  Right click and copy Or Ctrl/C to copy.
Start EmailStripper program - click the Paste button at the bottom of the window.
Next click the Strip It! button at the bottom of the window.
Now click the Copy button at the bottom of the window.
Go back to your email program - in your write mail window - the body of the email - Right click and Paste or Ctrl/V and paste the cleaned up text into your email....easy as pie..
How to send email without disclosing all your recipients:
How to size an image before emailing. :
Link to download Irfanview -
Also download the Plugins -
You can open the image you want to resize by opening it in Irfanview - File/Open - browse to the file you wish to open.
(a reasonable medium size image for emailing is approx. 640 x 480 pixels)
To Resize:
Select Image from the menu and then Resize/Resample - In the window that opens you will see *Set new sizeWidth - ???  Height ??? & underneath pixels; cm; inches.
Enter 640 in the Width box.  Select pixels in the Units area.
Look further down and make sure Preserve aspect ratio is selected. (this ensures that your image remains in proportion)
Keep Apply sharpen after Resample selected.  In the DPI box enter 72.
On the right hand side under Size method -  Make sure Resample(better quality) is selected
Select Lanczos filter (slowest but best).  Click the OK button.
In the main window - File name box - you can enter a new name for the image.  Save as type JPG - JPEG files (this should be the default that comes upClick SAVE.
You now have a smaller, email friendly image that you can attach/insert and send.
In the top menu - Select File/Save As - browse to the folder where you want to save this image.
In the smaller JPEG/GIF save options window - choose the quality/compression of the image with the slider or the arrows.  Usually a quality/compression of '80' will still give you a good quality image but of a reasonable size. Leave the other boxes in their default states.
To Attach an Image/File to an email - Using Outlook Express  - different email programs are slightly different but usually very similar to this.
Two Choices - the 'Paper Clip' symbol denotes 'Attach' or you can use Insert/File Attachment.
Either way will open a window where you can browse to the file/image that you want to attach. Left Click the file name and then click the Attach Button.
Some email programs (Thunderbird) has the menu option as File/Attach
To Insert an Image in an email - similar to attach but this time you are inserting the image into the body of the email.
Have your mouse pointer in the body of the email at the point you wish to insert the image.
In the menu click Insert/Picture - browse to the picture you want to insert. Left click with mouse and then click the Open button - you now have the option to choose an Alighnment/Border/ horizontal & Vertical Spacing - then click the OK button.  Your image is inserted.
To Copy & Paste text into an email - see Copy & Paste on Internet Tips page.
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