Information, links and tips to help save our environment.  Saving water, recycling, land conservation, saving energy, a look at future energy and going green with biodiesel.
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Let's make our water LAST - let us value it for the precious commodity that it is...
Saving water in the home...
Imagine living in a house without running water or modern washing appliances... For some this might be utopian paradise but for most it would be a nightmare. Running water is an incredibly valuable resource with an almost endless list of applications and uses in and around the home...
Click here to learn how to save water in your home -
Also see how to save water in - Garden, Business, Agriculture...
Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emmissions
Click here to learn how Recycling saves our environment -
Land conservation is usually the job of governments or organisations. But today we hear about people doing the job of conserving bushland on their own, as individuals & groups.
One such group is in Blackheath, The Blue Mountains NSW -
Popes Glen Bushcare Group..
Bush Heritage Australia is a national, independent, non-profit organisation committed to preserving Australia's biodiversity. It is Australia's most widely supported organisation dedicated to protecting threatened species and habitats through the creation of reserves.
How you can help

People like to support Bush Heritage because it enables them to protect the environment in a direct and tangible way. Your donation will help us to continue purchasing land around Australia; protecting threatened plant communities, water systems and wildlife.
Visit the Bush Heritage site to learn more..
SAVING ENERGY... easy everyday ways to save energy.
We rely on energy every day in so many ways around the home. If we can save a little every time we turn on the hot tap or a light switch, it all adds up. Multiply your household savings across the 6 million homes around Australia and it makes a big difference. Here are some easy things you can do right now - and every day - to cut your energy costs and help the environment.
Visit the NRMA site which has excellent information for saving energy.
Which fuel is greenest - Future Energy
Your clean, green car choices - In the quest for a greener, renewable fuel source to power our cars, a number of alternatives are in use..
Visit CNET reviews for more information.
Also see - Going Green with biodiesel - There has been a lot of talk about clean-burning fuel, especially ethanol and ethanol blends. One problem with domestically produced ethanol is that the amount of energy used to turn corn into fuel almost negates the benefit. One way around that issue is to brew your own biodiesel.
View this CNET video on Getting started with Biodiesel