Household cleaning and maintenance tips.  Stain removal ideas, time saving ideas, money saving ideas.
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Time Saving, Money Saving, Clever Ideas:
  • Cloudy or dull glassware will come out of your dishwasher crystal clear and sparkling if you add approximately one tablespoon of Epsom salts to your next wash cycle.
Note:  Although we check each hint as best we can, we cannot take responsibility for any of the hints shown here.
  • Place an empty paper bag over an electric light globe before removing it from its socket.  If the globe should shatter, the bag will hold the pieces and avoid what could be a nasty accident.
  • Scuff marks caused by shoes on vinyl floors, which usually take hard scrubbing to get off, can be easily removed by wiping with a small quantity of eucalyptus oil on a paper towel.
  • To re-use an old paint roller tray or to keep a new one clean, simply place the tray into a plastic supermarket bag or small garbage bin liner.  Pour in the paint and the bag will sink into the shape of the tray.  When you've finished, take off the bag and dispose of it, leaving your tray ready to use next time, with out cleaning.
  • If your child has trouble holding a glass, slip several rubber bands around the glass at regular intervals.  The glass will be much easier to grip.
  • Stop the tears flowing when peeling onions, especially with large quantities for pickles etc.  Peel and cut onions in half, place in a plastic bag in a single layer and put in the freezer.  When frozen (usually a few hours, depending on quantity), remove from freezer, leave for a short time so they are not too hard, then chop or slice with a sharp knife.
  • GROW AN ALOE VERA PLANT in a pot near the kitchen door.  Break off a leaf and apply the juice for the best-ever relief from burns or insect bites. The plant will grow and proliferate with little care apart from some occasional watering.  It's a natural remedy, virtually free, and unequalled for burns from stove or iron.
  • For a quick and luscious icing, place a layer of chocolate mint patties over a freshly baked cake while it is still hot and leave until the mints soften.  Spread with a spatula.  For a variation, try flavours such as orange or rum patties.
  • For beautiful, shiny clean jewellery, use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste.  Rub lightly, rinse and polish with a towel.  Diamonds and gold will simply glow.
  • Stitch on the lowest button of button-through dresses or uniforms using fine shirring elastic instead of cotton.  This allows plenty of give and prevents the button tearing from the material under stress.
  • Repair the binding on books with dressmakers' iron-on stiffening.  Cut strips to the required width, then iron on in the usual way.