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Some simple basics for new users on using the internet.  Using the Adress bar, website addresses, mouse cursors, saving images, copying and pasting, searching tips and help, search engine tips, email tips and promoting your own website.
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Welcome new users...the simple basics..
You can use the internet to go to websites that you know the address for - maybe from an advertisement on tv or in the paper etc.  - Then you can search for things that interest you - maybe research on a particular subject, information about an animal breed, where you can purchase particular items - either online or not, visit the Louvre in Paris or Versailles, learn about the pyramids, watch a video, listen to music, download movies and so on and so on.
When you search you will be presented with hundreds (thousands) of sites with information about your search term, listed in order of importance and rank.
Each site listed will have a link that you can click on to go to that site.
Use the Address bar for website addresses (eg. - type in the address to go to it. (New websites will probably not show up if you just search for them)
Use the Search bar (Google/Yahoo/whatever) for searching for an unknown website...
see Search Tips for help in refining your searches so that you find what you are looking for.
Watch for your changing mouse cursor to see when you are hovering over a menu item or a link.  Your cursor will change to hand with a fingure pointing when you are over a link.
Once in a website look for the menus that link to other areas in the site (usually at the top of the page or down a side) and links within the general text of a page, then you can browse through the whole site.
How to save an image from the Internet to your computer - (some images are not available for download).
Place your mouse over the image that you would like to save. Click the Right button on you mouse - a menu will appear.
Select Save Image as from the menu. A window will appear allowing you to browse to the folder on your computer where you would like to save the image (You can create a new folder if you want).
Then select the Save Button in the bottom right of the window.
How to copy and paste text from a website -
Stage 1:Place your mouse cursor at the beginning of the text - it will change to look like a capital 'I'. Hold down you Left mouse button and drag it to the end of the text that you would like to copy.  You will see that the text is now 'highlighted'.  Place your mouse over the highlighted text - the pointer will change to a hand - click the Right mouse button - a menu will appear.  Select Copy. (Once you have highlighted the text you can also use Ctrl/C to copy the text)
Stage 2:  On your computer open a new document file (could be a Notepad file, Works file, Doc file etc) or the document file where you would like to insert the text.  Place your mouse pointer at the place where you would like to place the text - click your Right mouse button - a menu will appear.  Select Paste. (Once your mouse pointer is where you would like to place the text in your document, you can also click the Left button and use Ctrl/V to paste the text).