Dogs and Cats, unlike humans, cannot tell you what's wrong when they're feeling off colour.  Tips for your pets good health plus information for those sad goodbyes
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Burmese Cat

Dogs are complex creatures, susceptible to a variety of illnesses.  Get to know your pet's habits and by observing them closely you can learn to recognize danger signals.  For example, bad breath may indicate inflammation of the gums, mouth ulcers or bacterial infection.  Whatever the symptons, early diagnosis is vital.  Unless it is obvious, or you are positive what is wrong consult your vet.
Animal Memorials & Cremations:
These days you can lay your pets to rest via the services of Pet Cremation Services.  Remember and honour the memory of your best friends with handcrafted memorial plaques.
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Dogs, unlike humans, cannot tell you what's wrong when they're feeling off colour.  Your dog's health is important not only to them but to your whole family, as many of the conditions which cause them discomfort can be injurious to human health as well.
There is only one good way to keep a cat - and that is to love it, care for it and respect it as a fellow member of your family.  As with dogs, you owe it to your cat to maintain its health, to give it first aid when required, and to ensure it get sympathy and understanding when it grows old.
Many different conditions and general diseases can often strike cats.  These can range from baldness to behavioural abnormalities, obesity or flea infestations.  It is important that you notice and recognize these complaints and see your vet for treatment.
When you make the decision to have a pet  - any type of pet - then their health and care becomes your responsibility - no matter what type of pet you have - be prepared and ready to consult your vet to ensure their continued good health.