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Appearance is everything !
  • Ensure that your garden is well kept.  Remove weeds and turn the soil over to give a fresh look.
  • Keep your property clean and remove all unnecessary items.  Allow the buyers to get a feeling of space.
  • Make sure you have your blinds and curtains open to allow daylight to shine through the windows.  A well-lit house sells!
  • Repair any small fault that is clearly visible eg. A loose doorknob, cracked windows, chips or cracks in the walls, etc.
  • Place a bowl of fresh fruit with a variety of colours in a prominent position within the kitchen.
Appeal to their sense of smell !
  • Fresh flowers in the lounge or dining room will add colour and provide an exotic fragrance for potential buyers.
  • Have a pot of fresh coffee brewing.  Brewed coffee creates a pleasant aroma throughout the whole house.
  • Use an air freshener within the toilet and bathroom to have a fresh, clean smell.
The right mood to buy !
  • If it is wintertime, warm the house and have the fire burning.  If it is summer time, cool the house by using your air conditioner or fans.
  • Play soft background music to invoke the buying emotions from your potential buyers.
Of course all of the above will achieve the ideal situation; however we will not let this prevent us from showing your home at every opportunity, as the home can often sell in the most unlikely of circumstances.
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