Whether it be in the home, office, indoor, outdoor - wherever..Safety is only commonsense.
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SAFETY - whether it be in the home, office, indoor, outdoor - wherever.
Home Safety:
Home Safety Council’s website contains safety information, home safety research, checklists, safety tips, safety resources, safety quizzes, safety lessons..
Home Safety Council Website
Home Internet Safety:
Internet Safety guidelines, Internet Safety Tips..
Childsafe - Internet Safety
Home Office Safety:
Have you given any thought as to whether or not your home work space is safe for your kids or pets?
Business Know-how - Home Business
Office Safety Tips:
Safety in the Workplace - office safety is very essential in today's world.
Buzzle - Office Safety Tips
O H & S - Occupational Health and Safety:
Australian Govt - Some workplace hazards have the potential to cause so much injury or disease that specific regulations or codes of practice are warranted. These regulations and codes, adopted under state and territory OH&S Acts, explain the duties of particular groups of people in controlling the risks associated with specific hazards.
OH&S Regulations and Codes of Practice

Workplace Safety Australia had its genesis in the year 2000 and is a leading National OH&S advisory and information provider to Australian companies.

OHS is a minefield of laws and regulations for the unprepared employer. Let Workplace Safety Australia (WSA) help you develop and implement the OHS strategy that's right for you.
Workplace Safety Australia
Simple Safety with Electricity:
  • Electrical dangers in the home - extensions & leads, fire safety, domestic hazards
  • Electrical advice and tips - checking a plug, plug fuses, your fusebox
Electrical Safety Council
US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Energy Australia - Safety Zone
Computer Safety:
Some good sources for Computer Safety Tips that will keep you computing more safely.
About.com Computer Safety