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Searching the Internet and using Search Engines - some searching help and search engine tips and how to use your search criteria to refine your search.
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Since it's beginnings the Internet has changed & expanded greatly  - nowadays the country code domain name ending (eg. the .au after .com []) will not define ALL websites for a country (eg Australia in this example). 
Websites from a particular country will also not necessarily be hosted on a server within that country - they can be hosted anywhere in the world.
Websites from Australia now have both Australian & International Domain Names - eg /.net / /.org / .biz /.info /.tv ...and more
WHEN SEARCHING - Search 'The Web' - NOT - pages from Australia.. (or whichever country you are in) - that is if you don't want to miss a large proportion of your country sites & possibly the information you are looking for.
Because of the algorithms that most of the Search Engines use to determine a country's sites (Google included) - when you search within your country you do not actually get all the websites from that country.
Search 'The Web' and Use your Search criteria to refine your search.
Many names - people, regions, town names, business names etc. are duplicated throughout the world so you need to use your search criteria to find what you are looking for.
For Example - let's say your are searching for Accommodation in NSW Australia, in particular accommodation in Orange in the Central Tablelands, Central West of NSW.
You could begin your search with Orange accommodation.
This could bring you some of the results you want BUT there are regions called Orange in at least the USA and France.
You can refine your search in a number of different ways -
You could start with NSW accommodation or Orange Australia accommodation or Orange NSW accommodation....These searches will bring you more results.
Others could be - central west accommodation :  central west nsw accommodation
central tablelands accommodation : central tablelands nsw accommodation
(there are several central tablelands/central west areas in Australian states)
Within Australia where our postal addresses all include the state or territory abbreviation eg. SA, WA, NSW, VIC, QLD, NT, TAS - using the NSW in the example above will quite possibly bring more results than Australia.
You can also refine your search to ensure that your results will primarily include your search terms...
To do this you will use quotation marks -
eg.  "Orange Australia" accommodation or "Orange NSW" accommodation....This will bring up results that include the terms Orange Australia or Orange NSW.