Tips for bartering and comparing and researching prices when shopping - especially on the Internet.
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These days no matter where you are shopping it pays to Barter.
You will be surprised at what you can and will achieve if you barter for a lower price.
I have been bartering on prices for more than 15 years - on  - cars, the interest rate on loans, homes, computers, household items, clothing, furniture - pretty well everything and everywhere (with the exception of supermarkets).  I don't always succeed but I do succeed more often than not.
These days I think a lot of places expect it and mark their prices accordingly - so if you don't barter you are paying too much.
I will usually begin with - "So, what's your best price?"
If they are not forthcoming with a better price I will then offer a lower amount (lower than I would expect them to accept).  If they are amenable to bartering they will come back with a figure - you can then raise your amount a little - and back and forth it goes till you agree on an amount.
Try it - what do you have to lose? 
You could actually save yourself some money - and feel good about it.
With the ability these days to purchase most everything via the Internet Comparing and Researching Prices is vitally important.
It would be dreadful to make 'a fantastic steal', say on ebay, only to find that on checking your local store you could have got a better deal.
The Internet is also a great source for sourcing out prices and comparing the pros and cons of a product.  There are many sites that offer side by side comparisons of a large number of products.
Here are a few links to some sites -  both discount shopping sites and sites that offer information and comparisons.
Computers & Accessories, Cell phones, Camcorders, Car Tech, Digital Cameras, Home Audio & Video, Televisions...
Cnet Reviews :
Zdnet Reviews:
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Consumer Search :
Shopping Sites - Discounted Prices
Computers+ :
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and of course...
Ebay Au  
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